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I was initially pre-dental @ UC Irvine and then decided to go in the business direction. I wanted to combine my love of bio with business and transitioned into medical device marketing. Post-UCI, I worked in an R&D lab and then got my MBA and went into marketing for heart valves at Edwards Lifesciences (then part of Baxter). Eventually, I ventured out into the startup world working on different technologies. Im currently at a startup a startup making the next generation of heart valves.

I have both large corporate and small startup company experience and understand how well technical backgrounds can thrive on the business side. Ive been lucky to combine my bio degree with my MBA to impact many patients over the course of my career.

Personal Interests

Golf, fishing, woodworking, cycling, cooking, reading.
Mentoring – UC Irvine Bio, UC Irvine MBA, Northwestern MBA students
Helping people with job search and networking strategies & life in general

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