Enhanced Academic Success Experience Initiative

The Enhanced Academic Success Experience (EASE) initiative intends to promote academic success for the 1st year students in the School of Biological Sciences. EASE is comprised of cohorts of no more than 30 first year students who take their Biology and Chemistry courses together throughout their 1st year at UCI.  Each cohort will have a dedicated EASE Peer Coach and Academic Counselor to provide added support and guidance.  In addition, cohorts will receive further assistance through a weekly EASE seminar.  EASE guarantees its participants priority enrollment into Biology and Chemistry courses throughout their 1st year.

Benefits Enjoyed by Ease Participants

Smaller Classrooms

You will take courses, including the exciting EASE seminar, with the same 30 students all-year.

“EASE, to me, served as a bridge to resources and programs in UCI that I didn’t know were out there. It also connected me to great and supportive friends within my major. My EPCs were also really supportive and always tired to make each session fun. There events hosted by EASE were always interestng, and you could always learn something from them! ” -Nemi Hernandez from 2022-2023 Cohort


Guaranteed Enrollment

Get access to courses before the normal enrollment windows open.

“EASE has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did it take a lot of stress off with choosing classes, it also gave me a sense of community. I’ve grown really close with the people in my cohort, which was really nice since getting to know people was one of my biggest fears moving into college. Also, the EPCs are super awesome and have great advice.” – Krish Lakshminarayanan from 2022-2023 Cohort

Connect with Students

Make friends, create study groups, and have a closer connection to the School of Bio Sci.

“EASE has not only provided so much guidance and support as a first-year bio student but has also provided an environment where I feel connected with other first-year students. Being a part of EASE, I have made many friends I wouldn’t have on my own.” – Amanda Warren from 2022-2023 Cohort


Invitation based process: Specific 1st year Biological Science majors will be invited via email to the EASE Initiative.

*Due to scheduling limitations, Athletes and Honors students will be excluded from this initiative.

The EASE Seminar is a one, 50 minute session a week.  It is led by EASE Peer Coaches, upperclassmen Bio Sci students.  The seminar will connect students to campus resources, help them hone their study and time management skills, and serves as a social space for you to get to know your cohort.




Bio Sci 2ABio Sci 94Chem 1C
Bio Sci 93Chem 1BChem 1LC
Chem 1A & Chem 1XBio Sci 2D EASE SeminarBio Sci 2D EASE Seminar
Bio Sci 2D EASE Seminar  

If you received an invitation and applied to the EASE Initiative, you will be notified if you are a member of the cohort via email before your SPOP (Student Parent Orientation Program) Academic Advising Session.

Next Step:

You will receive your EASE course schedule during your SPOP Academic Advising Session. At that time you will enroll in 1 additional course for Fall quarter.


For Winter and Spring Quarter:

You will receive more information in Bio Sci 2A regarding Winter quarter enrollment.

The Biological Sciences Student Affairs office will remain in close communication and will guide you along the registration process.

Have more questions?

Contact the Directors:

Kristin Fung & Melanie Nakanishi