Please check this page regularly for the most up-to-date information regarding Bio Sci course enrollment.

Last update: 11/22/2022

Winter 2023 Enrollment

Course Prerequisite Clearance Form:

If you completed the prerequisite for a Bio Sci course outside of UCI or via AP credit, you will need to submit a Course Prerequisite Clearance Form to be cleared for enrollment. You DO NOT need to submit a form if you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite of a course you will take in the Fall.

Examples of students who need to submit a form:

  • Transfer students who completed Bio Sci 93-99 equivalent courses at a community college.**
  • Students who earned a 5 on the AP Biology exam and waived taking Bio Sci 93 and/or 94 at UCI.

The form does NOT override major or repeat restrictions. If you are not a major that requires the Bio Sci course you are requesting to enroll in, or if you are attempting to enroll to repeat the course, you will be held to the major and repeat restriction lift date and your request will be processed to be ready at that point.

The form can be found HERE starting Monday, October 31. 

Important Dates

November 17th, 4:30pm

  • Lab enrollment is frozen. Bio Sci is looking for places we can add some space, and how to prioritize that space. 

December 5th by noon:

  • The major restriction will be removed from Bio 94.
  • Specific “Major only” (L) restrictions will change to “School major only” (N) on the date/time listed.  All majors under the School of Bio Sci will be able to add into previously L restricted courses.
  • We aim to have lab enrollment reopened.

The following Upper Division Bio Sci courses will initially be restricted to specialized majors (L) that require the course to meet graduation requirements:

  1. 2E (L-restricted for Ecology & Evolutionary Biology majors ONLY)
  2. E112L, Lab 1 (L-restricted for Exercise Science majors ONLY)
  3. E136 (L-restricted for Exercise Science majors ONLY)
  4. E183 (L-restricted for Exercise Science majors ONLY)
  5. M118L, Lab 1 (L-restricted for Microbiology & Immunology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology majors ONLY)
  6. M121 (L-restricted for Microbiology & Immunology ONLY)

December 20th by noon:

  • Repeat and major restrictions will be removed; courses will be open to all students who meet prerequisites.
  • Senior restriction on upper division Bio labs will be removed; labs will be open to all students who meet prerequisites. [UPDATE: Senior restriction will not be removed for Winter 2023 enrollment.]
  • 18 unit restriction lifts.
    • You will need to submit a request for excess units via on the Bio Sci Student Affairs Forms page.  

 January 6th by 5pm:

Early Drop deadline for ALL Upper Division Bio Sci Labs, Bio Sci 100, and Bio Sci D170:

 ALL Upper Division Bio Sci Labs, Bio Sci 100, and Bio Sci D170 have an earlier drop deadline of January 6th, by 5pm, NO EXCUSES. This information is published on the Schedule of Classes in the comments section and above every course that has an early drop date. It is your responsibility to note this early drop deadline and remove the course from your schedule if you do not intend to complete the course. Late drops or switches (which require a drop to add another lab/section) will not be allowed after the early drop deadline.

Course Specific Information:

Bio Sci 94, Discussions C5, C11, and C12 (05227, 05233, 05234)

Enrollment in these sections is restricted to a specific program under the School of Biological Sciences and will remain restricted. Authorization codes will not be distributed.

Bio Sci 191B Global Sustainability

The enrollment in this course is managed by the instructor. Please reach out to Dr. Pratt ( for an authorization code.

Specialized Major Required Seminars/Lectures:

The following courses will remain “Major only” (L) restricted throughout the enrollment process. These courses are only open to specific majors:

  1. D113-Genetics majors ONLY
  2. E117B–Exercise Sciences majors ONLY
  3. N115B-Neurobiology majors ONLY
  4. N120B–Human Biology majors ONLY