Get In Touch With Counselors Virtually!

Bio Sci Student Affairs offers an online live chat service available for students to ask general counseling or advising related questions. Counselors/Peer Academic Advisors in the Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences are available to answer general questions related to the following:

Policies and Procedures

Change of Major Requirements for Dunlop School Majors

Degree Requirements

Enrollment Issues

Bio Sci Chat is intended for questions that can be answered quickly.  Students who have questions and need advisement that requires more time, please schedule a 1:1 appointment with an academic counselor.  To schedule an appointment, please visit Click on the orange “Schedule Appointments” button on the right-hand side of the page. Next, select “Bio Sci Student Affairs” as the office you would like to meet with. Follow the prompts to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: Live Chat is NOT intended to answer questions related to:

  • Career Counseling/Pre Health Professional Advising
  • Admissions Counseling
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Graduation Checks
  • Creating a Study Plan
  • Academic Probation or Disqualification
  • Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling 

Bio Sci Chat is not available for Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling. UC Irvine students in need of these services should contact the UC Irvine Counseling Center directly:

The Dunlop School Undergraduate Affairs office is closed on Monday, June 24. We will reopen on Tuesday, June 25.


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