UCI BioSci Course Offering


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F23 W24 S24
BioSci Core Classes
2A – Freshman Seminar X
93 – From DNA to Organisms X
93L – DNA to Organisms – Intro to Biology Research X
94 – From Organisms to Ecosystems X
94L – Organisms to Ecosystems – Intro to Biology Research Analysis X
97 – Genetics X
98-Biochemistry X
99-Molecular Biology X
100-Scientific Writing X X X
Required Major Courses
D103 – Cell Biology X X
D104 – Developmental Biology X
D105 – Plant Cell Molecular Biology X
E106 – Processes in Ecology and Evolution X X X
E109 – Human Physiology X X X
N110- Neurobiology and Behavior X
Courses for Specific Majors
14 – Introduction to Science and Mathematics Teaching
X X  X
101 – Middle School Science and Mathematics Teaching X X  X
108 – Research Methods X
Developmental and Cell Biology
D114 – Dev & Cell Biology Majors Seminar X
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E107 – Seminar in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology X
Exercise Sciences
E117A – Exercise Sciences Majors Seminar X
E117B – Exercise Sciences Majors Seminar X
E117C – Exercise Sciences Majors Seminar X
D113 – Genetics Majors Seminar X
Human Biology
N120A – Human Biol I X
N120B – Human Biol II X
N120C – Human Biol III X
Neurobiology & Behavior
N115A – Adv. Neurobiology I X
N115B – Adv. Neurobiology II X
Upper Division Bio Labs
D111L – Developmental and Cell Biology Lab X X X
E106L – Habitats & Organisms X
E112L – Physiology Lab X X X
E115L – Evolution Lab X
E131L – Image Analysis X
E140L – Evol & Environ Lab
E160L – Biology of Birds Lab
E166L- Field Biology X
E179L – Field Freshwater Ecology
E186L – Pop & Comm Ecol Lab X
M114L – Biochemistry Lab X X X
M116L – Molecular Bio Lab X X X
M118L – Experimental Microbiology Lab X X X
M121L – Advanced Immunology Lab X
N113L – Neurobiology Lab X X
N123L – Neuroimaging Lab X
Upper Division Electives
Development & Cell Biology
D130 – Photomedicine X
D132 – Introduction to Personalized Medicine X
D133 – Advances in Regenerative Medicine X
D135 – Cell Biology of Human Disease
D137 – Eukaryotic and Human Genetics X
D138 – Quantitative Cell Biology
D139 – Intercellular Signaling X
D145 – Genomics, Development, and Medicine X
D148 – Development & Disease
D170 – Applied Human Anatomy X X
D190 – Special Topics Course X X
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
E118 – Ecosystem Ecology
E119 – Selfish DNA X
E120 – Marine Biology X
E127 – Physiological Plant Ecology X
E128 – Chemical Ecology X
E134 – Microbiomes X
E136 – The Physiology of Human Nutrition X
E137 – Genetics of Complex Traits X
E126 – Parasitology X
E139 – Animal Sensing & Motion
E142W – Writing/Philosophy of Biology
E145 – Animal Color & Vision X
E150 – Conservation Biology X
E151 – Pop. Dynamics in Ecol, Epi and Medicine
E153 – Functional and Struct Evol Genomics X
E154 – Genetics and Human History X
E155 – Phys Extreme Env X
E160 – Biology of Birds
E133 – Environ Microbiology X
E168 – Evolution X
E172 – Plant Diversity
E173 – Comparative Biochemistry X
E179 – Limnology and Freshwater Biology
E182 – Mediterranean Ecosystems
E183 – Exercise Physiology X
E184 – Ecology & Diversity of Insects X
E187 – Exercise as a Medicine X
E190 – Special topics X
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
M114 – Advanced Biochemistry X
M116 – Advanced Molecular Biology X
M119 – Advanced Topics in Immunology X
M121 – Immunology with Hematology X X
M122 – General Microbiology X X X
M123 – Intro to Computational Biology X
M124A – Virology X
M124B – Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity X
M125 – Molecular Biology of Cancer X
M126 – Intro to Primary Lit in Biochemistry
M131 – Innate Immun, Infect, Path
M133 – High Resolution Structures: NMR and X-Ray X
M137 – Microbial Genetics X
M143 – Human Parasitology X
M180 – Biotech Application X X X
M190 – Special topics
Neurobiology & Behavior
N117 – Clinical Trials X
N119 – History of Neuroscience X
N127 – Foundations in Neuroimmunology X
N131 – Human Neurodegenerative Diseases
N138 – Sex Differences in the Brain X
N147 – Hearing X
N121 – Drug Addiction X
N151 – Neurobiology of Aging
N152 – Developmental Neurobiology X
N153 – Neuropharmacology X
N154 – Molecular Neurobiology X
N155 – Wiring the Developing Brain X
N156 – Mol Mech Mem X
N158 – Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
N159 – Animal Behavior
N164 – Functional Neuroanatomy X
N165 – Brain Disorders and Behavior
N170 – Clinical Neuroscience
N172 – Regenerative Neurobiology X
N173 – Human Neuropsychology X
N176 – Cerebral Cortex
N182 – Vision
Lower Division Non-Major Classes
1A – Evolution!
17 – Evolutionary Psych X X
9B – The Science of Cooking
9E – Horticulture Science
9K – Global Change Biology X
12 – Molecular Basis for Human Disease
23 – Sustainable Landscaping
25 – Biology of Cancer
35 – The Brain and Behavior X
36 – Drugs and the Brain X
37 – Brain Dysfunction and Repair X
38 – Mind, Memory, Amnesia and the Brain X
41 – Mood Disorders X
43 – Media and Mind
44 – Stem Cells and Brain X
45 – AIDS Fundamentals X X
48 – NeuroSci Wellbeing X
55 – Introduction to Ecology
56 – Life Sciencing X
75 – Human Development: Conception to Birth X
3A – Career Decision Making (WC) X
3B – Non-Health Sciences Careers (WC) X X X
190 – Transfer Student Seminar X
E191A – Global Sust. I X
E191B – Global Sust. II X
E191CW – Writing/Global Sust. III X
H90 – Idiom and Practice of Science X
H195 – Honors Global Infectious Diseases X
H195 – Honors Physiology X
H195 – Honors Neuro X