Undergraduate Forms

You may submit a petition for no more than one institution at a time (maximum of three courses). Once you receive your results, you are welcome to submit more petitions. Each course requires a separate petition. For EAP please petition 1 institution at a time, 2 to 3 courses max.

All Biological Sciences majors must meet with an academic counselor for program approval.

This form should be submitted if you plan to take a major requirement outside of UCI. Major courses allowed include Chemistry, Math, and Physics only. All Bio Sci courses must be taken at UCI.  Please submit one form per course.

School of Biological Sciences majors can satisfy the upper-division writing requirement with Bio 100 and just two (2), instead of three (3) bio labs. Also, the bio lab requirement for Biological Sciences majors has been reduced from three (3) labs to two (2) labs. If you want to take advantage of this lab change, please complete the form, so we can update your DegreeWorks.

For non-bio courses, please contact the academic unit that is offering the course. The prerequisite clearance form will go live Monday, Nov 6th 2023 for Winter 24.

Petition to take more than 20 units for Fall 2024

The Fall quarter petition will become available later this Summer. Requests will not be processed, until September 3 when the 18-unit restriction lifts.

Petition to take more than 12 units for Summer 2024

Starting from April 12th, 2024, students can request additional units for the summer session(s). Each student can enroll on their own in up to 12 units per Summer Session, with a maximum of 20 units across all sessions. However, if any student requires more units than this, they will need to submit an excess unit petition.

Complete this form if you want to waive your privacy rights and permit the Biological Sciences Student Affairs Office to release and/or discuss information to authorized person..