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Raven Yoshitomi
Director, Student Affairs
GPA Probation/Disqualification
and Enrollment Exceptions

Kristin Fung_updated 10.20.20

Kristin Fung
Assistant Director, Student Affairs
EASE and Degree Certifications A-L

Jenna Bague-Sampson

Jenna Bague-Sampson
Director, Program Development
School of Bio Sci Pre Med Post Bacc

Joanna Bradshaw

Joanna Bradshaw
Bio Sci Petitions and
Prerequisite Clearance

Eunice Choi-Yang

Eunice Choi-Yang
Articulation and Bio Sci 3A

Joell Emoto circle frame.jpg

Joell Emoto-Johnston
DCE Concurrent Enrollment
and Excess Units

Jennifer Maitland

Jenn Maitland
Excess Units and Bio 3B


Melanie Nakanishi

Sherry Ong

Sherry Ong
International Student Advising
and Bio 197/198/199

Susan Schafer

Susan Schafer
Excellence in Research and Degree Certifications M-Z

Christin Stephens

Christin Stephens
Bio 194S and Bio Sci
Tutoring Program

Diana Tien-Chan v7

Diana Tien-Chan
Change of Majors and Announcements

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BioSci Peer
Academic Advisors

Student Experience regarding scheduling/course loads, etc.

Services Provided

Academic Counseling

Pre-Health Professional Advisement

Short and Long-term Course Planning

Reference to Campus Support Services

Dean’s Signature/ Approval for Forms

And More!