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From left to right: Dr. Raju Metherate (Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education), Kristin Fung, Joanna Bradshaw, Diana Tien-Chan, Melanie Nakanishi, Jenna Bague-Sampson, Joell Emoto-Johnston, Raven Yoshitomi, Eunice Choi-Yang, Christin Stephens, Sherry Ong, Jennifer Maitland, Susan Schafer.

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We all play a role. What’s yours?

Dunlop School Student Affairs academic advisors equip students with the tools they need to have productive and meaningful college experiences – from the first summer orientation to the final walk at commencement. We partner with students and family members to share responsibility for student success.

Student Responsibilities

Take responsibility for your academic performance and experience. Your advisor is here to guide you as you make informed decisions for yourself.

Take initiative to seek help before a situation becomes a crisis and advocate for yourself responsibly.

Remember you are part of the larger UC Irvine community: be mindful of how your actions affect others. Be considerate of advisors, faculty, and classmates by being on time for appointments, preparing for classes, and respecting your peers.

Do your part. Familiarize yourself with the academic calendar, be aware of important deadlines, and understand your degree requirements. If anything is unclear, remember that the most accurate information will come from your advisor.

Be an active participant in the advising experience: think carefully about your academic and career plans and share your interests and goals with your advisor.

Advisor Responsibilities

Provide a supportive environment and build trusting relationships with students.

Ask meaningful questions and listen to students to understand their strengths, challenges, and goals.

Connect students with resources and opportunities to maximize their college experience and teach students skills to navigate the university.

Respond promptly to student concerns, and use advising resources and knowledge to address students’ needs.

Family Member Responsibilities

Empower your student to take ownership of their college experience. Offer advice without making decisions for them.

If you see your student is struggling, encourage them to check in with an academic advisor.

Learn about campus resources and remind your student to use these resources and talk to academic advisors regularly.

Encourage your student to explore their interests, make meaningful connections, and find community.

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Dunlop School Student Affairs

1011 Biological Sciences III, Irvine, CA 92697-1460

Phone: 949-824-5318

For faster responses, please send us a message via the Dunlop School Chat.