What is Bio Sci 199?

Bio Sci 199 is an opportunity for undergraduate students to perform supervised undergraduate research alongside a mentor while getting graded units in research!

The School of Biological Sciences believes that successful participation in creative research is one of the highest academic goals its undergraduates can attain. Approximately 1,000 students are enrolled in and conduct experimental laboratory, field, or clinical research as an apprentice scientist under the supervision of a professor in one of the more than 250 laboratories in the School of Biological Sciences or the School of Medicine.

Gain Lab Skills

Polish your basic lab or clinical skills.

Participate at Events

Participate in on campus student research conferences (UROP, SURP, Excellence).

Get Published

Become a published writer.

How to Start Bio Sci 199

In order to get into a Bio Sci 199 lab, undergraduate students must:

1. Complete Bio Sci 194s OR the 3 UCLC modules.

2. Find a Faculty Mentor that is in the Bio Sci 199 program.

Learn more from the Bio Sci 199 information drop down menu below or watch the videos below: “Demystifying Bio Sci 199 and Undergrad Bio Research” and “How to Submit Bio Sci 199 Paperwork.”

Demystifying Bio Sci 199 and Undergrad Bio Research

How to Submit Bio Sci 199 Paperwork

Helpful Bio Sci 199 Information

General Requirements for Bio Sci 197, 198, 199

1. Students must be in good academic standing  major and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

2. Bio Sci majors must pass Bio Sci 94: Organisms to Ecosystems and complete the three mandatory UC Learning Center (UCLC) health & safety modules or Bio Sci 194s PRIOR to enrollment. (Bio Sci 194S: Safety & Ethics removed as a prerequisite as of Summer 2020).

  • Non-Bio Sci majors must complete the three UCLC health & safety modules PRIOR to enrollment. Non-Bio Sci majors are exempt from Bio Sci 94.

3. Click Here for instructions on how to complete the UCLC health & safety modules.

4. Students must at least be in their spring quarter of their 1st year.

5. The Bio Sci 197, 198, and 199 program is only for current and former UCI students only.

How to Enroll in Bio Sci 199

  1. Fully read all of the Program Standards & Policies
  2. Apply for Bio Sci 199 by contacting faculty you wish to do research with.
  3. Once a position is secured make arrangements with professor as to # of hours and # of units
  4. Log-in to the Research Dashboard to complete the appropriate 199 packet (depending on location of research)
  5. Follow all instructions and do all paperwork
  6. Submit Packet A to front desk, for Packet B please meet with a Bio Sci 199 coordinator
  7. Once the packets have been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation instructing you to enroll in the specific faculty’s Bio Sci 199 via WebReg. THIS PROCESS CAN TAKE UP TO ONE BUSINESS DAY.
  8. The deadline to submit a packet for Bio Sci 199 is the Friday of the 2nd week by NOON, (note: summer I and II deadlines are Friday of 1st week).
  9. Once the packet is approved, students must add by the ADD/DROP deadline, Friday of the 2nd week by 5PM.

For Summer Session

  1. Please go to www.summer.uci.edu
  2. Go to Student Services
  3. Then click Enrollment Changes
  4. Click on Forms
  5. Print Bio Sci 199 Independent Research Form
  6. Have your Bio Sci 199 faculty sponsor sign; bring it to Bio Sci Student Affairs Office to obtain dean’s signature (Along with your completed packet).
  7. Take this form to Summer Session; they create the course code and enroll you.

For new Bio Sci 199 students: Must complete Bio Sci 199 packet (see below) to start research. Bio Sci 199 packets are valid for one academic year ( summer, fall, winter, and spring). The deadline to submit a packet for Bio Sci 199 is the Friday of the 2nd week by NOON, (note: summer I and II deadlines are Friday of 1st week.)  The ADD deadline for fall, winter, and spring quarter enrollment is always the Friday by 5PM of the 2nd week of each quarter. The deadline for Summer Session 1 & 2 is the Friday of first week of each session.

For continuing Bio Sci 199 students, all packets will expire spring quarter every year, please remember that you will need to submit a new Bio Sci 199 packet for Summer or Fall Quarter if you plan to continue in research.

NOTE: ADD/DROP DEADLINES for each quarter are strictly enforced.

How to Find a Bio Sci 199 Faculty Sponsor

It is the student’s responsibility to find and contact their faculty sponsor. Below are some links to where you can find faculty sponsors:

FIND Faculty Sponsor

Department Websites


  1. Make a list of 4 or 5 labs that you are interested in. Note: some students have had to contact 15+ before they find someone.
  2. Do some research before contacting the professor. I.E. Reading a journal article published by professor. Science Librarian can help you.
  3. If the faculty DOES NOT have a course code on WebSoc, please have faculty contact Bio Sci 199 Coordinators to check eligibility by emailing biosci199@uci.edu
  4. Email the list of professors to schedule an appointment.  In your email please include the following:
    – Your career goals & interests
    – Why you want to conduct work in the particular arena
    – Time that you are available, quarters & hours per week
  5. Enjoy your discussion with professor; ask any questions that are important to you, such as what are the opportunities for own project and co-publishing a paper.
  6. Most Professors want a 1 year minimum commitment, some may want more. Be prepared with how much you can offer.

Bio Sci 199 Packets/Required Paperwork

Packet A  (Basic Science Laboratory)

If you are performing basic science research or working in a basic science laboratory (no UC Health patients or human subject intervention), please print, fill out and turn in Packet A. If you are still unsure which packet to complete, please refer to the gray Comments box on the Web Schedule of Classes.

Packet B  (Clinical Packet)

If you are: a) working with Human Subjects (including control subjects) and/or b) working with patients or at any facility where patients are present, please print, fill out and turn in Packet B . The below sites are some of the locations where patients and research subjects are seen. If you are still unsure which packet to complete, please refer to the gray Comments box on the Web Schedule of Classes. Please note: Fee to meet with UCI Student Health Center will be accrued.

  • UC Irvine Medical Center – Douglas Hospital
  • UC Irvine Building 200
  • UC Irvine Medical Center Building 55
  • Gottschalk Medical Plaza
  • Joslin Diabetes Center
  • Santa Ana Family Health Center
  • Anaheim Clinic
  • Centerpoint Child Development Center & School
  • Beckman Laser Institute (complete packet if work is with human subjects and/or patients)
  • Hewitt Hall (aka Institute for Clinical Translational Sciences; complete packet if work is with human subjects and/or patients)
  • Long Beach VA Medical Center
  • Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and affiliated hospitals
  • Fairview Developmental Center
  • CHOC Children’s Hospital
  • Other UC Irvine School of Medicine locations

Continuing Bio Sci 199 Research Students – The packets are valid for one academic year (Summer through Spring). Students who submitted the packets this past summer, they are valid until the end of spring quarter.

To obtain the updated immunization verification, please follow the instructions in Packet B.

Continuing Packet A – please submit a new packet to Bio Sci Student Affairs Office before the deadline.

Continuing Packet B – please complete a new packet and meet with Kristin or Sherry to go over the documents. This new packet will be valid until next Spring. We recommend repeating the computer based training for a refresher, but it is not mandatory. Reprint the certificates for the Annual Training, and Fire Extinguisher Safety Training. To obtain the updated immunization verification, make an appointment with UCI Student Health Center at (949) 824-5301 as soon as possible. Students who cannot complete the packets by the deadline, please consider enrolling in Bio Sci 199 the following quarter. It is the student’s responsibility to conduct enrollments in a timely manner.

For additional questions, please send an email to: biosci199@uci.edu

NOTE: Submit your Bio Sci 199 paperwork on the Research Dashboard NOW!

Packet submission DEADLINES for Bio Sci 199:

Summer Session 1: 1st Friday of the session by NOON
10-Week Summer Session: 2nd Friday of the session by NOON
Summer Session 2: 1st Friday of the session by NOON
Fall: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON
Winter: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON
Spring: 2nd Friday of the quarter by NOON

The Bio Sci 199 course must be added by the campus add/drop deadline, Week 2 during the academic year and week 1 of Summer Session 1 & 2, by 5 p.m.

Prerequisites for Undergraduate Research Updated: Info & Instructions on UCLC Health & Safety Modules

Bio Sci 199 Prepares and Empowers Future Biologists

Students enrolled in Bio Sci 199 develop new scientific skills and knowledge while training with professors who are on the cutting edge of research and discovery in the biological and medical sciences making headlines today. Students enrolled in Biological Sciences 199 and who meet the eligibility requirements also have an opportunity to present the results of their research endeavors to peers and faculty by participating in the Excellence in Research Program. Because of the opportunity to actively participate in the undergraduate research training program our students have an understanding of and an appreciation for the research process which they could not have obtained in any other fashion.