Academic Progress

This page covers the course and GPA requirements Bio Sci majors need to meet while working toward their degree, including the Bio Sci Normal Progress requirements and UCI academic standing requirements.

As a student, you are responsible for understanding your requirements and using your resources to stay on track – or get back on track if you miss a required course or GPA minimum. Most students who miss a requirement or have a rough quarter get back on track and successfully finish their degree.

Your advisors are here to clarify requirements, review students’ progress, and notify you when you miss a requirement. Our goal is to help Bio majors continue making progress toward graduation.

Common Terms

Normal Progress: These are the benchmarks (course deadlines) for your Bio Sci requirements. These benchmarks ensure you can graduate on time.

Ineligible for Bio Sci: If you don’t meet the Bio Normal Progress requirements, you will become ineligible to continue in the Bio major. You’ll need to change your major.

Good Academic Standing: UCI requires a 2.0 GPA to be in “good academic standing.” If you fall below this for one or two quarters, you’ll receive the GPA Success Plan advising detailed below. If you have a GPA below 2.0 for three consecutive quarters, you will be subject to disqualification from UCI.

Success Plan: This is the guidance/notice we will send you if your GPA falls below 2.0 (a “GPA Success Plan”) or you fail or do not take a Normal Progress course (a “Normal Progress Success Plan”). The goal is to make sure you understand how to get back on track with a good degree progress.  

Probation: The official name for your status if you have a GPA below 2.0 for one or two quarters. Probation is a process that helps us connect you with resources and helps you understand the importance of raising your GPA. 

Disqualification: This means losing your UCI student status if you have a GPA below 2.0 for three quarters. 

Change of Major (COM): To change from Bio Sci to another major, you will need to meet specific requirements and submit a request through Student Access. See more info below.

Withdrawal: This is choosing to take a quarter or more off from UCI. Current students can withdraw during any quarter, before finals week, or for the next quarter. See the Registrar’s webpage for more info. 

Readmission: This is the process of returning to UCI after time off. See the Registrar’s website for more info, and UCI’s Readmission Policy.

How Does BioSci Advising Review Students’ Progress?

  • Grades post for all students on Friday after finals are completed
  • Bio Sci Student Affairs reviews all students after grades post

For students who miss a requirement, email notifications will be sent by:

After Fall: Week 1 of  Winter quarter

After Winter: Week 1 of Spring quarter

After Spring: Last week of June

Success Plan email notifications:

Bio Sci Advising emails all students who missed a Normal Progress course or who have a GPA below 2.0. These emails include your “success plan” for getting back on track with your requirements, or raising your GPA. Your Success Plan email will clarify requirements and provide you with next steps.

Bio Sci Normal Progress requirements

The Bio Sci Normal Progress benchmarks ensure students can graduate on time. To stay in the Bio Sci majors, students must meet the following deadlines and grade minimums. 

  • Complete Chem 1A-1B-1C/1LC, with minimum grades of C- by the end of your 6th quarter
  • Complete Bio 93-94 with minimum grades of D- by the end of the Spring quarter of your 2nd year
  • Complete Bio 97-98-99, with minimum grades of D-, by the end of the Spring quarter of your 3rd year.

The deadlines above are the final deadlines for completing these courses. If you are unable to meet these benchmarks, you will be required to change your major out of Bio Sci.

Passing Grades

Minimum grades for the Bio Sci School requirements

  • Bio Sci 93-99 with minimum grades of D-
  • Chem 1A-1B-1C/1LC, 1LD, 51A, 51B, and 51LB with minimum grades of C- 
  • Chem 51C and 51LC with minimum grades of D-
  • Math and Physics series courses with minimum grades of D- 

When Can I Repeat a Bio Sci School Requirement?

Required courses are offered multiple times a year. Please see the schedule below to plan when you can retake a course you missed. Note that these course offerings are to change.

Bio Sci 93XX
Bio Sci 93 LXX
Bio Sci 94 XX
Bio Sci 94LXX
Chem 1AXX X
Chem 1BX X
Chem 1CXX X
Chem 1LCXX X
Bio Sci 97X X
Bio Sci 98X X
Bio Sci 99X X

UCI’s Academic Standing Requirements

UCI requires a 2.0 GPA for “good academic standing.” Students with GPAs below 2.0 are first on probation, then become subject to disqualification if their GPA is below 2.0 for multiple quarters.

What happens when a Bio Sci major’s GPA falls below 2.0?
  • After your first quarter below 2.0: You will receive a “GPA Success Plan” email from your advisors and attend a GPA Success workshop. These include reminders of UCI requirements and resources.
  • After your second quarter below 2.0: Continue to work with advisors, and use your resources to raise your GPA. It will be critical to raise your GPA in the next quarter – or consider time off from UCI, a change of major, or other ways to.
  • After three quarters below 2.0: Bio Sci makes students subject to disqualification after three consecutive quarters below 2.0. This means you lose your student status. You will have the opportunity to appeal but will need to present a clear plan for raising your GPA very quickly.

It is your responsibility to confirm your eligibility for financial aid through all quarters if you are a financial aid recipient.

How can I raise my GPA?

Here are some common for boost your GPA:

  • Repeat courses: The first 16 units you repeat will replace the original grades in your GPA. If you earned a D- in Chem 1A and repeat it for a B-, that D- will no longer be counted. This can have a big impact, especially early on at UCI.
  • Take a lighter schedule: Taking a schedule close to 12 units can help you focus more on each class, and balance academics with personal obligations.
  • Resolve non-academic issues: Most students with GPA concerns are also dealing with complications outside of class. Give yourself the best foundation for good grades by working through financial, housing, family, work, or health concerns. Connect with resources like Financial Aid, the Campus Social Worker, and personal counseling.
  • Take time off.


Disqualification means losing your student status.

In the UCI catalog, students are subject to disqualification after two quarters with a GPA below 2.0. However, Bio Sci grants an additional quarter of flexibility and makes students subject to disqualification only after three consecutive quarters with a GPA below 2.0. Bio Sci does not currently enforce a term GPA minimum.

Students can appeal disqualification. In a disqualification appeal, you present your plan for raising your GPA. Bio Sci approves appeals when a student presents a specific and realistic plan for raising their GPA quickly. Typically students are approved to continue at UCI for one more quarter, then their progress will be reviewed.

If you are a financial aid recipient and are disqualified from UCI, please check with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss how your disqualification will impact your aid.

Change of Major

Some students who get off track with Bio Sci Normal Progress or fall below 2.0 GPA will have a good plan to continue in Bio. For others, changing majors may be preferable or required.

How do I change?

There are a few steps to changing your major:

  • Review to understand current requirements. Note grade and GPA requirements as well as courses.
  • Plan at least one or two quarters ahead for your change of major! Most majors require a few classes, and students typically need to take these classes over multiple quarters. 
  • Contact an advisor in that major if you have questions about requirements or timeline.
  • Submit your request through Student Access. Change of Major requests are typically considered in the first week or two of each quarter, though this can vary by school

Additional Notes

*A minimum Bio Sci GPA of 2.0 (this GPA includes only Bio Sci courses required for your degree) and a cumulative  GPA of 2.0 must be earned to be awarded a degree from the School of Biological Sciences. 

*If you entered UCI as a freshman, you must complete the Bio Sci degree within five (5) years = 15 quarters

* If you entered UCI as a transfer student, you must complete the Bio Sci degree within four (4) years = 12 quarters

  • If you are a financial aid recipient, it is your responsibility to confirm your eligibility for financial aid through all quarters.

Who Can I Talk To?

Please reach out to Bio Sci Student Affairs with any questions about your academic progress in the School of Biological Sciences.