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I am a PA working in Newport Beach in Neuropsych for 17 years. I also have worked in Neurology for 10 years. I do weekend health assessments for DoD with Reserve military for 15 years. I was adjunct faculty for a PA program for 2 years. I enjoy volunteering for triathlons and organize volunteers to work in medical tents. I have went on 2 medical missions to Honduras. I enjoy guiding students who are interested in becoming PAs. I currently am a Director at Large for the California Academy of Physician Assistants. I do public speaking for Pre PAs groups.

Personal Interests

I like to travel. I am involved with our sister cities in Newport Beach. Okazaki, Japan and Antibes, France. I have been to each city, Japan 5 times and the South of France 11 times. I am chair of the Antibes Committee working on setting up a student exchange.

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