The BioSci Mentor Program provides an invaluable opportunity for our undergraduate students to enhance their understanding of various careers. In the process, these students will build a community of BioSci alumni and professionals that extends beyond the UCI campus. Mentors will serve as coaches, guides, motivators, advisors, and role models. They will greatly enrich their own lives by making a difference in someone else’s. We hope you join the Mentor Program today!

What can I do
with my degree?

Should I go to graduate
or professional school?

Where do I see
myself in five years?

Why become a mentee?


Enhance your understanding of various career paths and learn about specific jobs, industries, and organizational cultures.

Expand Your Knowledge

Receive constructive feedback about personal and professional skills.


Pursue networking opportunities and build your community.

Become a Mentee

Why become a mentor?


Gain new skills as you coach and advise students.


Empower someone else by sharing insights and professional/personal experiences.


Expand your network by reconnecting with the School of BioSci and fellow alumni.

Become a Mentor

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