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I am currently a PhD graduate student at UC Irvine in the department of Developmental and Cell Biology. My research focuses on using zebrafish as an animal model to understand how progenitors residing in the pancreas help to regenerate insulin producing beta cells. The importance of my research is aimed toward understanding the mechanisms involved in driving these progenitors toward a beta cell state in order to use it as a means to treat patients with diabetes. My career path is aimed towards academia by becoming a principal investigator of my own lab. The goal of my future lab is aimed towards the integration of immunology, stem cells, and biotechnology to treat patients with autoimmune conditions. Additionally, I am interested in having a teaching career as a professor and have taught undergraduate honors genetics at UC Irvine.

Personal Interests

My personal interests include trying different kinds of food and coffee, hanging out with friends and family, rescuing animals, going to the beach, seeking outdoor adventures, getting lost in good books, and doing arts and crafts. I am a bit of a foodie and a huge coffee drinker. I also have a cat who takes up most of my time when I am not working in the lab.

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