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Since graduation from UCI Irvine, I have worked in medical research, and have been in the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford since 2015. I have extensive experience in multi-modal molecular imaging of neurological diseases and a strong background in synthetic chemistry. I have made significant contributions to multiple research projects including studying fragile X syndrome, neuropathic pain and soon multiple sclerosis. I helped validate a novel sigma-1 radiotracer for its ability to detect molecular markers of neuropathic pain non-invasively. This radioligand, [18F]FTC-146, is currently being used in clinic and is positively impacting outcomes for those suffering from chronic pain. Currently, my research focuses on evaluating novel therapeutics and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging agents in rodent models with the ultimate goal of clinically translating these approaches and enhancing our ability to monitor and treat neurological diseases. I am well-versed in pharmacokinetic modeling, receptor occupancy studies, autoradiography, and cell-based assays. Moreover, I am an expert in PET/MR imaging of neonatal mice.

**I mentor/have mentored 3 Stanford undergraduate students, 2 are still students, 1 graduated and is now a medical student at Johns Hopkins. 100% of my UCI bio mentees have gotten into their #1 research lab of choice. I am passionate about working with students to help them achieve their goals.

Personal Interests

I love to cook everything, especially food from my favorite places to travel. I am also a certified sommelier, I am passionate about learning how food and wine tie into culture. I enjoy hiking (anywhere, but anywhere with a view is even better), kayaking and traveling. I value family time, whether it be spending quiet time at home or having a large gathering.

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