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Kyle, a native of Illinois, moved to Orange County, CA, studying at the University of California Irvine ultimately earning a degree in Biology. Transitioning into industry was a natural progression after spending 4 years on the bench, enabling an application of his passion for science. Initially working on the technical side of the industry, with an affinity for a challenge, Kyle advanced within his role taking on a commercial perspective, now enjoying over a decade of industrial and commercial experience. Kyle is a family man at heart spending free time enjoying the beautiful Southern California climate with his son Noah taking it in from his running stroller. Kyle has completed over fifty marathon and half-marathon distance races volunteering as a pacer for many Southern California events. Inspired by the unified, team-culture at GE Healthcare, Kyle continues to challenge himself both personally and professionally seeking out leadership and collaborative opportunities to support his scientific passion.

That was 2017, I’ve since gone on (in Dec. 2017) to lead of team of as many as 14 sales professionals in charge of > $100M USD spanning 37 states.

Personal Interests

See above, but really anything outdoors (hiking, snow, water), you name it.

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