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I just started my first year of PA school in Florida, and I’m interested in specializing in pediatrics and/or emergency medicine. I worked as an ED Tech at CHOC Children’s Hospital for the past 3.5 years, where I used my EMT certification plus got an additional scope of practice of skills that you can do in a hospital setting. I also helped instruct Stop The Bleed classes, which helps educate the public on easy life-saving techniques during mass casualty events or even small personal accidents. I also used to be a scribe with Scribe America at Mission Hospital, which is the only trauma center in South OC, where I got an inside look of how the doctors/PAs/NPs minds work when seeing patients. Additionally, I was a volunteer at Saddleback Memorial and CHOC for two years during undergrad.

Personal Interests

I was a dancer for over 15 years. I love going to the beach, hiking, getting boba and exploring new places. I also like reading, painting, and going thrift shopping. My current goal is to visit a new country (or more) each year, and have made it to 6 new countries since I graduated from UCI in 2017 (though currently on hold because of COVID)! I do currently live in Florida for school, but I would be down to meet up if you want when I come back to CA for breaks :)

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