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Early in my career, after graduating from UCI, I was exploring various paths towards studying medicine. My undergraduate research experience was exciting, but I was eager to be on the front lines as a medical doctor. After some hands-on exposure as an EMT, I decided I wanted to develop the machines and life-saving drugs that I had seen doctors and nurses give their patients. I chose to then attend graduate school, and I earned my MSc in Biotechnology from Brown University. It was here that I learned of my passion for teaching and education; I developed a much broader scope in understanding science from the ground up. Since I left Brown and moved back to California, I have been working in biotech industry, specifically focused on genomics.

Personal Interests

I enjoy learning about other topics in my spare time; I’ve taught myself some web development languages (Python, R, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML) and also am taking a data science course part time to hopefully supplement my work as a scientist. I love dogs, I have a husky named Maya and she’s a big ball of energy!

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