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After graduating from UC Irvine, I completed various internships and volunteer programs with companies and organizations such as Disneyland, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Marine Mammal Center, and the California Department of Transportation. I joined WRECO in 2016 and specialize in water quality and stormwater reports for construction projects. I also have traveled throughout California in regards to biology and water quality field work. Although my current job is different than what I studied, I can apply the skills I learned from school to my work.

Personal Interests

I enjoy cooking, gardening, and writing stories. I love growing edible plants for culinary experiments and gifts to my family, friends, and co-workers. I’m a fan of Disney and Pokemon. I also enjoy exploring new places and learning about the local culture and foods. I also tend to apply my knowledge and experiences at my current job when I explore; water quality and stormwater measures differ from city and county but all achieve the same goal.

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