Why did YOU chose BioSci?

Meet some of the freshmen and sophomores who joined the UCI School of Biological Sciences! Learn why they chose to major in biology, what they hope to accomplish before they graduate, and what makes them excited for the fall quarter! 

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Jadelyn Nguyen

I chose to major in biology because I want to work towards having a career in the medical field! Right now, my dream is to become a dermatologist, but that can also change in the future. I’m excited for this fall quarter because I’m moving from Hawai’i to California and I’m excited to make new friends. I hope to learn how to become more independent and I know I’ll love it in Irvine!

Sofia Cortes-Casas

I chose to major in biology to help me reach my goal of becoming a PA, and because I enjoy learning about biological concepts that occur in everyday life. I’m super excited for this fall quarter and my future at UCI. During my time at UCI, I hope to get an internship that will help me get further insight on my major and future career.

Sophia Nguyen

I am aspiring to become an optometrist in the future and figured biology would be the best major to take in college in order to pursue that path. This fall quarter, I am extremely excited to meet new people and get to know the school better. It is a completely new environment, so I want to make the most of my experience and live life to the fullest the best that I can.

Yoojoon Kang

I decided on becoming a biology major, in order to further my career, either as a physician or some other doctor. I’m excited to meet new people and make connections with others, especially after COVID-19 limited the world’s ability to socialize. Before I graduate, I want to ensure that I study abroad in Korea.

Monjima Ghosh

Hello everyone. My name is Monjima Ghosh and I am currently an incoming Freshman at UC Irvine. It has been quite a challenging year. However, we all have gone through it with determination, positivity, and support from our loved ones and faculty, staff, teachers, friends, etc. I will be majoring in Biological Sciences.

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The reason why I chose BioSci is because from childhood I have been noticing many people dying either of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. or are continually suffering due to other diseases. As a child I used to think why can’t doctors treat these diseases when they can treat others? As I grew up, I realized that it takes years of research and hard work to come up with a solution to these problems. And before I immigrated to the USA my grandmother died of cancer. She also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. It was a sad moment for me but also, I started to think that there are many people in the world like my grandma who are having the same fate. That made me more interested in why some cells work in such a way that a person has to suffer because of it. As I was thinking about how I could contribute to finding a cure for untreatable diseases, I came to the idea of becoming a biotechnologist. Just as I like to make things out of clay, my favorite hobby ceramics, I want to be a biotechnologist and make things out of biological components and make our body a better living mechanism. So that is why I want to know biology as much as possible so I can piece together the puzzle and find a cure. I am very excited to begin my journey of healing by starting my fall quarter this September. I want to accomplish my task of getting involved in the campus as much as possible so I can get into a good graduate school and enhance my skills on biological ways of making cures. I also believe that each and every one of you who are majoring in any area of BioSci or any other field will contribute great things to the world and I look forward to seeing it. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to start my fall quarter.

Angel Lai

I choose UCI BioSci because it can lead me to many paths in biology. I am mostly looking forward to learn about neuroscience. I love to see the world and myself through the lens of biology. I’m very excited to meet the community on campus. I know I will grow so much from the environment. Before graduate, I hope I will be a part of research in the area of neuroscience.

Chailee Larson

I have always been interested in biology and medicine in general, so I am very excited to be diving deeper into the world of biology! I am excited to also make new friends and memories! I hope to discover innovative ways to solve problems and help those in the community throughout my time at UCI.

Dahana Urrea Cruz

Hello! My name is Dahana but it’s pronounced like “Donna” from the movie “La Bamba” and the song “Donna” by Richie Valens. My father got my name from the song and movie, but he wanted it to be a little different. Besides that, I chose to major in biology because I have always been interested in medicine and how the body works.

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I was enrolled in a medicine academy in my high school and I wanted to keep my education concerning the medical field at Irvine in order to become a physician in the future. I am so excited for this fall quarter! I’m so ready to meet new people and just to keep learning whatever I can at Irvine. <3

Sarahlin Nguyen

Hi there! I am an incoming transfer student from Orange Coast College. I chose to pursue biology because I am interested in the dental field! I hope to become an orthodontist one day and open my own practice. I’m so excited to return to campus and get involved. I hope to make new friends at UCI! Good luck to everyone!

Heilly Penuelas

I chose to major in biology because I want to be a dentist. Everything about this fall quarter is exciting because everything will be new to me and new experiences are always welcomed. One thing that I want to accomplish before graduating is to truly enjoy everything that will be thrown my way and also learn from them.

Brianna Bousquet

For me, science is a subject I was able to feel comfortable with and understand what I was learning. I always wanted to be a veterinarian, and biology will help me go toward that path. Science is interesting to me; I like learning about new things. This fall quarter, I’m excited to be in a new environment and be able to expand my knowledge on my biology journey.

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I want to accomplish being more social and for this to be an experience for me when I can be more myself instead of being closed off.

Shant Khamo

Hello, my name is Shant Khamo and I am a recent graduate of Sonora High School. I chose biology because I confidently feel that this major will place me in an advantageous position for my future endeavors in the medical field. I am extremely excited to make new friends and create memories this fall quarter at UCI. One thing I desire to accomplish is to have a positive impact on my community through volunteering.

An Maeyama

I chose to major in biology because I have a passion for this subject and learned that it can help many people. During the summer of my sophomore year, I went to visit a family friend’s lab where he studied kidney disease and I saw a new side of the medical field that I never saw before. During my visit, he explained to me what he did and his journey to be a researcher.

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Watching him work with other people made me realize that maybe if I work hard my knowledge can also help people around the world. Biology is a subject that is interesting and challenging, but I am willing to try my best.

I am very excited for this fall semester. I can’t wait to see the other people who are also going to be in my class and experience college life. Everything is going to new and different so to be honest I am a little worried and nervous, but I hope it will be fun. One thing I want to accomplish before I graduate is joining student research and gaining knowledge and experience in the field I want to go into in the future.

Jiayi Song

No matter what changes, people are the essential component of society. And when it comes to disease, learning the basic of human body and its nature matters the most. People may think learning high tech or economic tools are important, but that is right only in some points; these things are changing rapidly.

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There are always new programming languages and new tendencies, but biology is simple – we need only to develop deeper and deeper. I’m specifically interested in virus and epidemics. One movie I saw posed a very interesting point, that mother nature tried to trick people by making its weakness look strong to cover it, and I want to learn more about it. I think the fall quarter can be really fascinating, and I’m looking forward to lectures from those great professors.

Maddy Salgado

Hi everyone! My name is Maddy Salgado and I am from Brea! I chose biology because it has been my favorite subject ever since my freshman year of high school! It all started when we did a blood typing activity in my biology class and we learned about antigens, white blood cells, etc. We even worked through blood transfusion simulators!

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From that moment forward I realized I loved learning about the various biological processes in the human body, with an increased interest in how certain diseases and illnesses affect it. My dream is to become an endocrinologist one day and I am so excited to pursue a degree in biology!

Parmida Salimi

Ever since I can remember, I always enjoyed learning about biology and human biology. It was always my favorite subject at school, and I had a strong passion for it. I got braces about 3 years ago and ever since then, I’ve wanted to be an orthodontist. Everyone fears the dentist office but when I was younger, I would get excited when I had an appointment to see my orthodontist because I loved the process.

Paula Elias

I really can’t believe that I will go to UCI as a freshman this year. I chose biology as my major because since I was a kid, I was obsessed with doctors and surgeons and also my grandfather was a surgeon too, so he was my best friend :) I am really excited about meeting new people, making friends and the new community. It is so good to feel that you are college student.

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To start working in the medical field, I really want to show myself in the field. I want to thrive.

Haley Bendorf

I chose to major in biology because it has always really inspired me, and I want to learn more about it. I also am looking to be in the medical field so it will be extremely useful. This fall quarter I am excited to learn about what truly interests me and make new friends.

Eun Koak

Hi! My name is Eun Koak and I’m committed to UCI as a biological sciences major. I really want to help children in hospitals and hope that biology will help expand my learning. I enjoy playing tennis, watching K-dramas, anime, and we can’t forget that I love food! I am super excited to make new friends at UCI, so feel free to contact me!

IG: hnl_eunn | Snap: hnl_euun

Luna Witchey

I’ve been a dork forever and love to learn. Biology has been a major interest to me since 7th grade. Originally, I wanted to major in biomedical engineering, but I decided I enjoyed immunology in 8th grade. Since then, I’ve been set on studying the immune system and autoimmune diseases. I am excited to meet new people and join many clubs. I really want to be involved with the school community. 

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Before I graduate, I want to face my fear of dealing with bureaucracy. I know it is silly, but I want to become more comfortable with it.

Isabella Leon

I chose to major in biology because I want pursue a job in the medical (or nursing) field. I’ve always liked taking care of people/kids, even from a young age, and I strive to want to help others in the future, medically. I am excited to be an incoming freshman this fall quarter and to get to experience college! One thing I want to accomplish before I graduate is to study abroad!!!

Ashley Lopez

Hello everyone. This is Ashley Lopez and I am currently an incoming freshmen at UC Irvine. I chose to major in biology because I have always been interested on all the procedures and medicine. I also want to further my career as a future doctor and hope to meet all my goals. I am very excited for this fall quarter, especially being able to come onto campus after a pandemic.

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I want to be more independent and also make more connections before I graduate. I hope to make new friends and can’t wait to start!

Tiffany Gregorio smiling headshot.

Tiffany Gregorio

Hi. I’m Tiffany Gregorio and I am a freshman majoring in bio sci. I am from Downey, CA and love math and science! I also have hobbies such as singing, dancing, and drawing. I have a pet cat and bird and love to watch Disney movies in my spare time.

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