Start Your First Year Off Right

Not sure where to begin your undergraduate career at UCI BioSci? No problem! We’ve made a list of activities and tips to make your first year memorable and successful.

Top 10 Tips

icon laptop

Look through this entire website.

icon anteater

Look for all the Peter the Anteater statues and benches across campus.

Icon building

Stop in at Biological Sciences III, Room 1011 and find out about the services available to you from the BioSci Student Affairs Office.

icon tutor

If you need some help with your studies, take advantage of the free Peer Tutoring program.

icon bike

Walk, run or bike the Mountains to the Sea Trail.

icon nap

Take a nap in Aldrich Park.

icon donut

Introduce yourself to BioSci Dean Frank LaFerla and savor a pastry at “Donuts with the Dean.”

icon lecture

Plan to attend at least half of the Dean’s Distinguished and Allergan Lecture Series talks.

icon meeting

If you’re thinking about entering one of the health professions after graduation, make an appointment to meet soon with a Health Science Advisor in the BioSci Student Affairs Office.

icon succeed

Study hard, but don’t be all work and no play. Make friends, explore new activities, exercise, eat right and get enough sleep. A well-balanced life will make you even more successful!

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